Personal Training

Whether you're new to training or looking for specific results one-to-one personal training sessions can help everyone achieve their desired health and fitness goals. If you train regularly with James you'll be able to make serious progress in a short space of time but more importantly you'll be coached and educated by James so you know how to maintain your progress through effective training and smart food choices that suit you and can be kept up in the long run.

8 one-to-one sessions = £200

4 Paired training sessions = £120

In addition to your training you'll be expected to adopt a holistic approach to improving your lifestyle through gradual changes to your diet, increased physical activity levels outside of the gym, and a positive shift in your attitude towards yourself and what you can achieve. If you're ready to commit to a better you and genuinely want to learn how to get the most out of life not only now but for years to come then James and Fitness Vault are here to help you do that.


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