Personal & Paired Training

Experience first rate coaching in a high spec private fitness studio.

£30 per session*

*minimum purchase of 4 sessions

Get the results you're looking for working alongside an experienced trainer that can help you master your training and overcome wayward habits that are holding you back from reaching your potential.


You'll be taught how to effectively perform resistance exercises with the required intensity to strengthen your muscles and shape your body. Undergo intense bouts of cardio to take your cardio fitness to the next level and help shed unwanted body fat. And finally learn about healthy food choices, sustainable calorie restriction, and good lifestyle habits that will accelerate your progress.

Sessions last 1 hour and start times are available early mornings (6:30am and 7:40am), late mornings (10:20am and 11:30am), and afternoons (4:30pm) on weekdays. Weekend availability subject to request. For popular times you may need to block book, but if you're flexible to train during the day you can book times that suit you best via the FV booking app.