Joining, Booking, and Pricing

To become a member at Fitness Vault there are no contracts or joining fees but you'll need to attend an induction session (typically held on a Sunday morning) to check your existing level of fitness and to ensure you know how to use all of the equipment safely before taking part in your first group session.


Following your induction you'll be given access to FV's booking system so you can see all available session times and remaining spaces. Once you've created your account you can book online or via an app on your smartphone.


In order to book you will need to purchase session credits. Each time you book onto a session a credit is deducted from your account. Bookings can be cancelled (online or via the app) but you must give 24 hours notice or your credit will not be refunded.

6 group sessions - £40 ( 2 month expiry )

10 group sessions - £60 ( 4 month expiry )

16 group sessions - £90 ( 6 month expiry )

Your credits can expire but you're given ample time to use them before this will happen. When your sessions have all been used simply purchase more credits in order to continue enjoying the group training experience at Fitness Vault!


Members are limited, therefore you may have to wait until a space becomes available if you wish to join at a time where capacity is already full. Inactive members are removed from our system accordingly to allow space for new members to join.