Your Trainer

Fitness Vault is run by highly trained health and fitness expert, James, offering a premium personal and group training service for all ages and fitness levels. James holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, qualified as a level 3 personal trainer at the European Institute of Fitness and has over 5 years experience as a self-employed trainer.

Whether you're post-pregnancy, pre-wedding, rehabilitating from injury or ailment, or just want to feel more confident, James can help you get the results you're looking for. His in-depth studies and strong sporting background have given him knowledge and experience in reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, managing injuries, achieving peak fitness, and most importantly maintaining a healthy weight without being on a restrictive diet.

Throughout your journey with James you're going to learn how to take control of your health and fitness for the long term. No more dieting or excessive training regimes, just simple, gradual, and permanent lifestyle changes that will keep you in shape for good.